The Web Dashboard

One of the easiest ways to get started with Vapi is by using the web dashboard.

You can visit your dashboard by going to

The web dashboard gives you the ability to:

  • view, create, & modify assistants associated with your account
  • provision & manage phone numbers assistants can dial outbound from or receive inbound calls to
  • review conversation data (such as audio recordings, call metadata, etc)
  • manage your provider keys (used in communication with external TTS, LLM, & STT vendors)

We will be walking through the core necessities you need to get up and running in this guide.

The web dashboard wraps over much of the realtime call functionality of Vapi. The dashboard actually uses the web SDK beneath-the-hood to make web calls.

Vapi’s Pizzeria

In this guide we will be implementing a simple order-taking assistant at a pizza shop called “Vapi’s Pizzeria”.

Vapi’s has 3 types of menu items: pizza, sides, & drinks. Customers will be ordering 1 of each.

Customers will order 3 items: 1 pizza, 1 side, & 1 drink. The assistant will handle the full order taking conversation.

Assistant Setup

First we’re going to set up our assistant in the dashboard. Once our assistant’s transcriber, model, & voice are set up, we can call it to place our order.

You can visit your dashboard at

Calling Your Assistant

Now that your assistant is fully setup & configured, we will want to contact it. There are 2 ways to “call in” to an assistant:

  • Over the Internet: Network-enabled devices can contact Vapi via the Internet (i.e. web applications, mobile applications). No phone number is involved.
  • Via Telephony: Phones can communicate to Vapi over a cellular network (i.e. phone call). One phone number dials to another phone number.

For our use case, it is most appropriate that customers will contact our assistant via an inbound phone call. Though, we will look at both ways of calling in.

Your assistant should be able to accept calls & maintain a basic conversation. Happy ordering!

Your assistant won’t yet be able to hang-up the phone at the end of the call. We will learn more about configuring call end behaviour in later guides.