Have a custom model or voice with one of the providers? Or an enterprise account with volume pricing?

No problem! You can bring your own API keys to Vapi. You can add them in the Dashboard under the Provider Keys tab. Once your API key is validated, you won’t be charged when using that provider through Vapi. Instead, you’ll be charged directly by the provider.

Transcription Providers

Currently, the only available transcription provider is deepgram. To use a custom model, you can specify the deepgram model ID in the transcriber.model parameter of the Assistant.

Model Providers

We are currently have support for any OpenAI-compatible endpoint. This includes services like OpenRouter, AnyScale, Together AI, or your own server.

To use one of these providers, you can specify the provider and model in the model parameter of the Assistant.

You can find more details in the Custom LLMs section of the documentation.

Voice Providers

All voice providers are supported. Once you’ve validated your API through the Dashboard, any voice ID from your provider can be used in the voice.voiceId field of the Assistant.